NC State University's Social Design and Innovation 
in Kefalonia, Greece​​​​​​​
In May 2019, I began my five week stay on the island of Kefalonia, Greece with a team of College of Design students with a goal of helping the island's community reconnect with their history. On the trip were students in architecture, art and design, design studies, and graphic design. We joined under the leadership of professor Scott Townsend partnered with Kefalonia's Ionian Center for Arts and Culture. 
Following a devastating earthquake in 1953, the island saw a huge diaspora and in more recent years, its people have returned. The earthquake was the catalyst for our studies here as we focused on bringing design to the community in hopes strengthening their connection to the past history. We conducted research, interviews, and field studies to gather information to design our proposals. We then broke into five teams and each created a design proposal for appropriate stakeholders who could bring our work to life on the island following our departure.
I worked in a team of four students: two graphic design students, one architecture student, and one art and design student. I took on the role of director and main graphic designer to bring about the following proposal which we presented to the island's main school heads.
The Proposal Presentation
The Teacher's Guide
The Assignment
The Exhibit
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